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The Fortnum Collection

    "..A diverse collection!"  
    A diverse collection in linen, linen blend, rayon, and pearl silk yarn.  
    Classics as well as innovative designs featuring French ribbon, leather, unique buttons and beads.  
    Priced $170 - $680 retail  
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     Cardigans, Jackets, Vests  
     Sweaters, Shells  
Style List
     Cardigans, Jackets, Vests - List  
     Sweaters, Shells - List  
   Dresses - List
   Pants - List
   Skirts - List
  View Cardigans, Jackets, Vests  
    C108 Point Jacket
C240 Fortnum Sleeveless Coat
C264 Tsar's Spring Jacket
C272 Gershwin Cardigan
C276 Chinois Cropped Cardigan
C287 Heavenly Jacket
C297 Deco Jacket
C309 Coco Jacket
C310 Wedgewood Jacket
C311 Victoria Jacket
C312 Candace Jacket
C313 Isabelle Jacket (without flower pin)
C313 Isabelle Jacket (with flower pin)
C314 Voysey Jacket
C315 Morris Jacket (without belt)
C315 Morris Jacket (with belt)
C316 Mucha Jacket (without flower pin)
C316 Mucha Jacket (with flower pin)
C317 Larson Tie Jacket
C318 Nouveau � Length Jacket
C319 Ashbee Jacket
C320 Morris Jacket
C321 La Belle Jacket
C322 Lucy Cardigan (without pockets)
C322 Lucy Cardigan (with pockets)
C323 Agnes Coat WITH Ribbon tie
C324 Beatrice Jacket
C325 Biba Jacket
C326 Christabel Long Vest
C327 Primrose Sleeveless Jacket
C328 Hannah Jacket
C329 Chloe Short Vest
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  View Sweaters, Shells  
    TO52s Round Neck Waisted Shell
TO52s/BX Round Neck Straight Shell
TO60s Tank Shell
TO67s "V" Neck Tunic Shell
TO68s Slinky "V" Neck Shell
TO69s Jewel Neck Shell
TO70s Cowl Neck Shell - Button detail
TO71s Ribbed Shell
TO73s Jewel Neck, Back Opening, Tank Shell
T297 Calais Linen Sweater (without rose pin)
T297 Calais Linen Sweater (with rose pin)
T356 Rita Sweater
T357 Dream Cropped Sweater
T358 Escargot Tunic
T359 Theadora Collar Sweater
T360 Lucia Sweater with Collar and Tassel
T361 Georgiana V Neck Sweater
T362 Renee Tunic (without rose pin)
T362 Renee Tunic (with rose pin)
T363 Tara Sweater
T364 Yarrow Texture Sweater
T365 Star Sweater
T366 Sophie Sweater
T367 Claire Sweater
T368 Aubrey Ribbon Sweater
T369 Alex Sweater
T370 Florence Ribbed Sweater with belt
T371 Kala Textured Button Sweater
T372 Marion Lace Front Sweater
T373 Clara Sleeveless top
T374 Eva Sweater
T375 Pepper Beaded Cowl Sweater
T376 Eugenia Cropped V Neck Sweater
T377 Carla Side Lace Tunic
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  View Dresses  
    D112 V Neck Dress (without pin beads)
D112 V Neck Dress (with pin beads)
D169 Long Tank Dress
D173 Jewel Neck Long Tank Dress
D174 Short Tank Dress
  View Pants  
    PF4 Slim Leg Pant (woven linen)
PF5 Medium Leg Pant (woven linen)
PF6 Medium Leg Cropped Pant (woven linen)
PF9 Stove Leg Pant (woven linen)
  View Skirts  
    S091 Straight Skirt-Side Slit
S091B Straight Skirt-Side Slit-Button detail
S096 Long Ribbed (with slits on both sides)
SF2 Long Slim Skirt -Back Slit (woven linen)
SF5 Long Wrap Skirt (woven linen)
SF6 Annie "A" Line Skirt (woven linen)
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Sweaters Shells T366

Photo: Joan Emm

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